swim that rock by John Rocco — April 11, 2014

swim that rock by John Rocco

John Rocco is the illustrator of all Rick Riordan’s books, which is what brought Swim that Rock to my attention in the first place. Swim That Rock tells the story of fourteen-year-old Jake, whose dad was lost at sea, and whose family diner is on the verge of getting repossessed by loan sharks. Jake desperately needs to raise money to help his mom, but his options are slim. He can try to go ‘quahogging,’ hoping to bring in enough clams from Narragansett Bay to pay the bills, or he can join up with a shady mysterious character who has his own not-exactly-legal ways of making money, and who might know something about the death of Jake’s father. That’s the basic plot, but there is way more to the book.