blood of olympus **SPOILERS** — October 9, 2014

blood of olympus **SPOILERS**

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows how much I love these books. They were the first sort of urban fantasy thing I read. They started me off on Harry Potter and you know…ever other book in a similar genre that I’ve ever read. You get the picture, they’re really important to me.

So, Blood Of Olympus is the last book in the series. And unfortunately…it really wasn’t that good.

The very best part for me was getting inside Reyna and Nico’s heads.  Reyna was so sad, her past was so tragic. As for Nico, I liked that he wasn’t just obsessed with Percy the entire time. It was barely ever even mentioned. In the end, all that darkness came from other places, the places we had known were there all along, the loss of his sister, his life, his happiness. The only thing I can say I was truly disappointed about was there was no reuniting Sally and Percy!

Percy and Annabeth weren’t actually in it very much, but I almost liked that – Riordan showed us that, while they were the oldest aspect of the series, and probably the most loved – it wasn’t really about them. It was about the seven, as a whole. He kept them out of the spotlight and for the first time since Lost Hero the other characters got a chance to shine. Almost. I, along with many other fans of the books, were disappointing to see the characters we have been following for almost a decade barely even had any lines.

The humor felt forced, the story felt both rushed and anticlimactic, and the ending left much to be desired.  To end on an optimistic note, fans may be pleased to know that even though the series is over, there is definitely room for you to make up your own ending.

celebratory blue food
celebratory blue food