(*I’m referring to the film and television branch, not the comics, which in a way I sort of categorize as it’s own thing. )

I’m on episode five of Daredevil and I have been so impressed by what I am seeing I can’t even wait till the end to write a review. I have never been a big DC fan because it’s too brooding, but sometimes Marvel can be waayyyy to campy, and I think they have found a wonderful balance with Daredevil, which is dark and violent but still maintains a humor and incorporates lighter moments. It’s definitely the darkest Marvel creation I’ve ever seen, but it still maintains that iconic marvel tone just enough to make it a really enjoyable experience.

the acting is amazing. A lot of times you see blind people with still faces, staring fixated on one spot, but here you see so much expression and emotion. His eyes move around all over the place, he just never makes perfect eye contact. I don’t know anyone blind so I can’t vouch for this, but it just seems so much more realistic.

The story itself is very interesting, there is something so compellingly contradictory about a Lawyer by day and a vigilante at night. Traditionally, superheroes like in a world with incredibly incompetent police and (a) judicial system(s), causing them to take it into their own hands, sweeping in a being all super-hero-y.  So I don’t know, the fact that he is a good lawyer and a super hero just makes it so interesting. I also really like that he isn’t hardly even a “super hero” in the traditional sense. He isn’t unbelievably strong, or wealthy, or genetically engineered. He didn’t fall into a vat of radioactive waste and develop near magical powers. He is a man who grew up learning to strengthen his senses without the use of sight. He is a man who trained and aspired to be more like his father, the boxer. The story is definitely unlikely, they are in fantastical situations, but it feels so much more grounded than,say, Captain America or The Flash.

THAT CINEMATOGRAPHY THO. Beautiful. I think that film is an art.Storytelling is obviously incredibly important but to me, the way it is done is equally important. It’s 50/50, all the way. This show is a masterpiece. The lighting, the stunt blocking, the camera movements, the framing. The editing. It’s all absolutely gorgeous, and contributes to it’d darker, more realistic feel.

Of course, I have to point out the violence. What got this show it’s M rating. In case the title sequence didn’t convey this well enough; it’s brutal and there is a lot of blood. You see our very human protagonist pulling off outrageous stunts but getting very, VERY, hurt in the process. We see people  slamming their heads through metal spikes heads getting bashed in with fire extinguishers and bowling balls. 40 minutes into episode 5 a particularly disgusting scene unfolds in which a mans head is smashed in a car door repeatedly until we see his brain fall out in bloody chunks onto the pavement.

I am terrible at wrapping things up, especially when there are such loose and unconnected thoughts, but here you go: You should definitely watch daredevil. 9/10 rating. I really can’t see anything wrong with it. There hasn’t been as single thing that I would have done differently. I would definitely recommend it for older audiences, 15+ probably, but it’s great and can definitely hold older audiences attention.