I have been on and off vegetarian for a long time, and I haven’t eaten red meat in nearly 8 years, but now I am ready to commit to going full vegan. Here’s why:

Say NO to Meat

Meat consumption is associated with almost all major deceases. People who don’t eat meat have a cholesterol level of around 120 as opposed to 210, making risk of heart attacks virtually 0. Vegans are 40% less likely to get cancer. It also helps prevent Atherosclerosis which leads to strokes and heart attacks. A Vegetarian saves roughly 198 animals every year (what people eat on average) 40% of the worlds grains and 50% of it’s water goes to livestock. Enough grain to feed 800 million people. 1 Acre of land produces 40,000 lbs. of tomatoes, 53,000 lbs. of potatoes, or 132 lbs. of beef. It is also easier for most vegans and vegetarians to loose weight and usually have much clearer skin.

Say NO to Milk

Cows milk is the #1 cause of allergies in infants and children. 33% of all American Adults and lactose intolerant but only 13.1% don’t drink milk. That leaves 62,200,000 people who drink it despite being unable to digest it properly. In 1970 cows produced 9,700 lbs. of milk. Now they produce 19,000 lbs. This is because we inject cows with growth hormones which carry into the milk we drink. This hormone contains IGF-1 which humans already have. It is linked to early puberty in girls and increases risk of ovarian and prostate cancer. Ounce for Ounce milk has the same calorie count as soda. Milk consumption increases the risk of type 1 diabetes and heart disease. One serving of 2% milk has the same fat count as a serving of french fries.

(A note on protein: you get almost double the protein from 100 calories of broccoli than you do from 100 calories of meat, and 0 cholesterol. So ha)


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